Introducing THRIVE THRIVE Food Storage Why Store Food? Buy Thrive Food

Introducing THRIVE Food

THRIVE foods is an exclusive and innovative product that is composed of the very same foods we eat and acquire daily. Thrive Emergency Food is packaged by Shelf Reliance by following strict food and health standards. Unlike dehydrated food, Thrive freeze dried food retains 99% of tastes, nutrients, and texture.

In addition to the advantage for stocking thrive foods for emergency situations, it's also a terrific item for everyday use. If you are short of certain ingredients when cooking, just like what you would do with fresh ingredients, pick up a can from your pantry or storage room of thrive foods add it to your dish. This is just like having your own food superstore. You will never have to run to the grocery store and waste gas and time just to pick up a can of tomatoes!

Fresh foods are now packaged inside an easy-to-use can. Every can includes an oxygen absorber to ensure freshness and the ability to be stored for long-term.

THRIVE Emergency Foods Storage

Dairy Meats & Beans Basics
Grains Vegetables Fruits
Desserts Entrees  

Why Store Food?

With the increase of economic uncertainty, unstable weather patterns, and also inflation causing food prices to skyrocket, now is more important than ever to have some food stored on hand. We are in the midst of a global debt crisis, the United States government is currently running at 1.2 trillion in deficit, and the European Union countries are struggling to refinance the debt they borrowed years ago. Countries like Greece, Spain and Italy are paying unsustainable, high interest bonds and living off emergency loans provided by the ECB (European Central Bank) and IMF (International Monetary Fund). Food prices have gone up every year especially in the last few years due to high inflation caused by loose monetary policy instituted by central banks around the world.

In addition to the economic crisis, we should always be prepared for unpredictable weather or natural disaster. The Red Cross, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and the Canadian Government have all recommend storing enough food & water for emergency purposes.

With all of these uncertainties, it's no doubt that people panic and get distressed during a crisis or emergency situation. This is why it is so important to store food. There's nothing more important than being able to maintain life during a disaster.

So what should people store for food? Most people store wheat. It's a good place to start, however, what most people don't realize is that it takes time for a person to get used to the high fiber diet. What if you want to have a normal meal? Fresh vegetables and fruits are almost impossible to store.

Thanks to Shelf Reliance's Thrive Freeze Dried Food, food will remain delicious and healthy for up to 25 years. Using advanced technologies, Shelf Reliance fresh freezes foods to capture its nutrients and texture for long-term storage.

Buy a can from Shelfreliance today! It's going to transform the way you buy, and also prepare meals from now on.

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